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Champa Bai, 34, is a daily wage labourer from a marginalised tribe from a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Champa and her husband are agricultural workers and used to live in a flimsy house made of mud, straw, and bamboo.

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Historically, the members of the Nihal tribe are labourers in farms owned by others with no awareness or understanding of the different government provisions available to them such as better access to education, funds, and rights to the land they cultivate.

In early 2022, Rachna, a woman leader from Jan Sahas (a Womanity partner NGO), started working in this small settlement where most of the residents were living in poor socio-economic conditions. Despite having lived there for generations, they had no access to government schemes and amenities nor any understanding of or access to any land titles or ownership documents.

Rachna created awareness and encouraged the villagers to access these schemes and provisions.

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land deed
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Rachna Bagvan
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Rachna meeting with villagers
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After much work and many meetings with Champa, village officials, and government functionaries, she convinced Champa to apply for a land title and patiently guided her through the months-long land claim process.

Champa finally got the land title deed in her name in December 2022.

She’s eagerly looking forward to building a permanent house made of cement and brick on her land. With land in her name, she now has access to loans, various government entitlements, and agricultural subsidies.

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